USA art roadtrip

Fabby weird graffiti at station Point Reyes park. Epicentre of the 1906 earthquake.

intresting graffiti atĀ  xxxxxxxx

Gallery Route One @galleryrouteone point Reyes Station Strange to come across a box art show. I liked the little most.  From top right surreal heals by Ronda Bucciardii. A moveable feast by Barry chuleermark.  Capture the imagination by Leslie Scott. Sales are by open auction.

Another Box show at

Found the wonderful @hey_yonder_shop which I have been following for a while. On the 101 in to San Fransico from the South.  Wonderful people.  Wonderful ceramics.  @keneardley  @fromvictoriashop and an @hapticlab kite boat.

Hey Yonder Shop

Green jeans. Plant supply mill valley.  California.  Great plant here wish I could take them back

Nursery adjacent to route 101 Sausalito

I just love these Day of The Dead tree grills in the Mission Area of SF. There was a lot of city wide Quirky "municipal" design. Much like Barcelona but without It all Being Gaudi. come on Brighton.

Fantastic Day of the Dead tree grillsĀ  San Fransisco

Crocker art gallery. Sacramento Great place. Great art

Crocker art centre Sacremento